Compliance Manager provides the most unique innovation in the industry wherein it would be automatically telling the Compliances that are applicable on your companies , for that you just need to add the figures of the audited balance sheet and it would show you the compliances that would be applicable to your companies . How to check the compliances has been explained in the following steps.

We provide you online help in case you need professional help. Go through our video and explanations to know how to do it.

1. Select Compliance tab and provide information

We would be providing a blank form as shown in the picture below in which inputs needs to be filled by the user these complete template of all the items specified in section 134 of the new act (considering the latest amendments). Find all the items to be reported on the left pane of the page starting from the Introduction.

2. Automatic Checking if Compliances
  • On the basis of the information filled by the user we would be checking with the provisions of the Bare act and then preparing a compliance chart for your company
  • It would be displaying the following result where in it would be telling
3. Date Tracker

The User can add the dates for the specific compliances to be done for which we would be giving automatic reminders till the work is done and updated in the date tracker.

4. Edit & Download your Report

At last, the user can also download the report in the PDF format in order to show it to the client and save it for the future purpose.