Director Report

Create your Board Report within minutes by selecting the Company and the Financial Year on the Dashboard for which the Board Report is required. Click on the Director Report button and go through our automated report making tool by providing the required details in the blank fields. We provide you the Draft of your Report side by side so that you can edit the report easily before clicking the Download button.

We provide you online help in case you need professional help. Go through our video and explanations to know how to do it.

1. Template for all clauses

We provide a complete template of all the clauses specified in section 134 of the new act (considering the latest amendments). Find all the clauses to be reported in a question and answer format starting from the Introduction.

2. Answer the questions
  • Select your choices from the options available.
  • Fill the blank fields, if any. Provide the required information.
  • Click on “Submit” button to transfer the data in next pane.
  • It would save the information for the word format
3. Annexures
  • Suitable Annexures are available with all the options wherever required.
  • Fill and save the annexures.
4. Edit & Download your Report

At last, before generating the word document of the Report, go on the “Download Board Doc” Button to download the Final Report with all the Annexures in Word Document form.