About Us
MyCompaniesact.com is a web based unique search solution which is built on expertise to provide solutions on the new Companies Act 2013. The passion of our team at GenNext Professionals LLP, comprising of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Engineers and experts from the industry, is the driving force behind the development of the most innovative solutions, including software and platforms for Knowledge Sharing and value-added licensing solutions. MyCompaniesact.com allows you to do more with less by enabling you to search the provisions of the new law in a simple and timely manner. In fact, the tool leverages on the latest technology to reduce compliance risks associated with the new corporate regulations. MyCompaniesact.com is committed to delivering the tools to professionals need to save money, time and reduce risk, all while complying with new laws. MyCompaniesact.com is developed to overcome the following challenges which are being faced by the professionals while complying with the new provisions of the Act Current Challenges

  • Immediate need for the updating of the new law.
  • Preparation of Documents as per new Law.
  • A guide required to make it understandable in a simple and timely manner.
  • Accurate and appropriate guidance: Challenges with the timeliness and accuracy of relevant accounting information & guidance.
  • Updating changes – It is difficult to keep up the pace with recent amendments of laws.
  • Compliance focus — time consuming statutory reporting activities reduce analysis time