AGM Documents

In relation to the AGM Documents you need not worry now , we would tell you the checklist of the Documents to be prepared along with the Draft templates which would be easily downloadable in the word format. Click on the AGM Documents button on the Dashboard and all the documents which needs to be prepared would be listed there.

1. Check the applicability

Once you click the AGM Documents button the necessary documents would be displayed which needs to be prepared in a checklist format from which the user can select the documents to be prepared.

2. Fill the basic details
  • After Selecting the Document to be prepared the user needs :
3. Submit Data and Download in Word
  • Save the data by clicking the “Submit Data” button. It will save the information entered.
  • Download your Files in the Word Format.
4. Following Documents can be prepared
  • Notice and Minutes for Board Report for Approval of accounts
  • Certified true copy of resolution for Approval of accounts
  • Notice and Minutes for Annual General Meeting